Beezer's Cellar

>Learn more about what happens in Beezer's Cellar.
Learn more about what happens in Beezer's Cellar.

Written by: Wyllis Cooper
Directed & Produced by: Chuck & Megan Marra
Executive Producer & Sound Design: Todd Gajdusek
Co-Executive Producer & Sound Editing: Cat Hammons
Produced by: Foley Marra Studios (

Anton Prather - Stanley
Maddie Lucas - Marlene
Alaina Raja - Callen
Margaux Mireault - Old Woman

Quiet Please Theme licensed through Soundstripe
Written By: Stephen Keech
Performed By: Third Age

Underscoring licensed through Ghosthack
Sound Effects licensed through Adobe & Soundstripe
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Creators and Guests

Margaux Mirealut
Margaux Mirealut
Margaux Mireault is a down-to-earth, tells-you-like-it-is, ball of SASS. She is an actor/writer/producer who hails from Clive, Iowa. Margaux is a connoisseur of chip eating and wine drinking on "Sarcastically Margaux" and her recently filmed pilot, "Wino". She currently resides in a hipster-adjacent part of Los Angeles where she continues to drink wine, try fun escape rooms, and hang with her dog Wallace.
Beezer's Cellar
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