Anton Prather

Appears in 8 Episodes

The Ticket Taker

Fate has a way of showing up no matter how careful you are. Beware the Ticket Taker.

Twelve to Five

Strange things can happen on the overnight shift at a radio station.


A story about a woman and a murder.


Wyllis Cooper always wanted to write a story with a number instead of a title.  One week before the broadcast aired, even though he had not yet written the script for ...

Three Sides to a Story

They say that there are two sides to every story.  This week goes the saying one better.

Is This Murder?

A woman questions our listeners on what constitutes murder.

Beezer's Cellar

>Learn more about what happens in Beezer's Cellar.

Bring Me to Life

This week's story is the adventure of a writer and the characters that she creates. It's called "Bring Me to Life."

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