Cat Hammons

Cat Hammons

Appears in 30 Episodes

Rede Me This Riddle

A noble man is asked to cast off his trappings of wealth and embark on a journey to an unknown destination bearing a precious satchel.

Northern Lights

A experiment in time travel reveals unexpected results with chilling implications.

Not Enough Time

A man grapples with the challenges of time travel.

Dark Gray Magic

A demon appears to show Meredith Barleycorn all the evil magic in the world.

Below Fifth Avenue

A woman discovers she has the incredible ability to create using her imagination.

Be a Good Dog Darling

A philanderer finds a way to "tame" his wives when they find out about his affairs. As his problems multiply, they start to gang-up on him.


A politician is shaken when he gets a disturbing call from an unknown woman.

Don't Tell Me About Halloween

A man marries a witch. What could go wrong?

Good Ghost

Gus is a ghost, and he is stuck here on Earth. What is going to do?

Come In, Eddie

A deadly-serious conversation takes a turn when the specter of their deceased friend looms over them.

The Thing on the Fourble Board

An oil rig is shut down after they accidentally disturb something deep below the Earth's surface.

Baker's Dozen

A man finds himself as a juror in a murder trail, that strangely mirrors his own life.

Presto Change-o, I'm Sure

If you are going to wield power, shouldn't you know how it works?

Let the Lilies Consider

What is the nature of love? What if Nature can love...too much?

Where Do You Get Your Ideas?

A writer gets more than he bargained for when a bar patron asks him where he gets his ideas.

The Ticket Taker

Fate has a way of showing up no matter how careful you are. Beware the Ticket Taker.

Twelve to Five

Strange things can happen on the overnight shift at a radio station.


A story about a woman and a murder.


Wyllis Cooper always wanted to write a story with a number instead of a title.  One week before the broadcast aired, even though he had not yet written the script for ...

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

We have the story of a murderer by proxy, and the fate that overtakes him.

Three Sides to a Story

They say that there are two sides to every story.  This week goes the saying one better.

Is This Murder?

A woman questions our listeners on what constitutes murder.

Beezer's Cellar

>Learn more about what happens in Beezer's Cellar.

How Are You, Pal?

An unusual mystery story for you; a story in which you yourself play a most important part. It's called "How are You, Pal?". I hope you'll listen, pal.

The Room Where the Ghosts Live

I have a story for you called “The Room Where the Ghosts Live”, that is if ghosts do live.  Maybe we’ll find out...

Camera Obscura

This story is called "Camera Obscura" which, if you understand Italian, means "dark room" ---- you may like this story of what takes place in this dark room.

Rain on New Year's Eve

A writer on a troubled horror film tries to keep her senses while dealing with an irascible director. The film has to be completed by New Year’s Eve…or else.

Take Me Out to the Graveyard

A cab driver starts to get an uneasy feeling when a string of customers all want him to take them to the graveyard at night.

Bring Me to Life

This week's story is the adventure of a writer and the characters that she creates. It's called "Bring Me to Life."

Nothing Behind the Door

An astronomer tells three ladies that there is nothing behind a door. They decide to see for themselves.

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