Rede Me This Riddle

A noble man is asked to cast off his trappings of wealth and embark on a journey to an unknown destination bearing a precious satchel.
Men of import are directed by an unknown voice to cast off their trappings and bear a satchel to an unknown destination. What will they find along the way and where will their journey take them?

Written by: Wyllis Cooper
Directed & Produced by: Chuck & Megan Marra
Executive Producer & Sound Design: Todd Gajdusek
Co-Executive Producer & Sound Editing: Cat Hammons
Produced by: Foley Marra Studios (

Alex Bankier - Gaspar
Michael C. Pizzuto - Melchior
Omari Williams - Balthazar
Caroline Keeler - Cheiron

Quiet Please Theme licensed through Soundstripe
Written By: Stephen Keech
Performed By: Third Age

"Midnight Mass"
Written By: Adrian Dominic Walther
Performed By: Moments

"A Christmas Wish"
Written By: Medhat Hanbali
Performed By: Adam Saban

Written By: Marshall Usinger
Performed By: Acreage

"O Come O Come Emmanuel"
Written & Performed By: Markus Huber

"What Child is this?"
Written By: Kevin Austin Graham
Performed By: Kevin Graham

"Dance of the Sugarplum Raindrops"
Written & Performed By: Joshua Spacht

"Away in a Manger"
Written By: Dustin Ransom
Performed By: Renderings

"O Little Town of Bethlehem" & "Joy to the World"
Written & Performed By: Kurtis Parks

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Creators and Guests

Alex Bankier
Alex Bankier
Alex has been working in Los Angeles doing everything from puppeteering dinosaurs to being set on fire for a live audience, and, of course, in voiceover! They have had the pleasure of voicing in video games, animation, live-action dubbing, in addition to some lovely podcasts. When not performing, Alex enjoys gazing fondly at trees.
Caroline Keeler
Caroline Keeler
Caroline Keeler is a professional actor, voice artist, and audiobook narrator originally from the Boston area. She currently resides in Los Angeles with her partner and their mischievous pug, Edmond.
Michael C. Pizzuto
Michael C. Pizzuto
Michael C. Pizzuto is based in Los Angeles and works regularly as a voice actor for animation and games. He has been seen regularly on both stage and screen, with international performances abroad in places such as Macau, Thailand, Hong Kong and The Philippines to name a few.
Omari Williams
Omari Williams
Omari Williams, a Houston native, graduated Baylor University with a BFA in Theatre Performance. With a need to tell stories, he decided to move out to LA to pursue a career in acting through various capacities such as film/tv, theater, voice over, and the ever popular quarantine hobby, scripted podcasts. So far he has had the pleasure of working on "The Disappearance of Olivia Perry", "Premiere the Play Podcast" and now "Quiet Please"
Rede Me This Riddle
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