Presto Change-o, I'm Sure

If you are going to wield power, shouldn't you know how it works?
Sarsfield can perform real magic, but she doesn't really know how it works. But really... what's the harm?

Written by: Wyllis Cooper
Directed & Produced by: Chuck & Megan Marra
Executive Producer & Sound Design: Todd Gajdusek
Co-Executive Producer & Sound Editing: Cat Hammons
Produced by: Foley Marra Studios (

Melissa Jobe - Sarsfield
Christopher Manning - The Professor
Justin Gubersky - Bernard
Robert Bordelon - Marius

Quiet Please Theme & Other Music licensed through Soundstripe
Written By: Stephen Keech
Performed By: Third Age

"Jester's Ball"
Written By: Dustin Ransom
Performed & Produced By: Cast Of Characters

"An Old Fashioned Magic Show"
Written By: Matthew Wigton
Performed & Produced By: Dresden, The Flamingo

"Just When You Least Expect It"
Written By: Mary Ancheta
Performed & Produced By: ltebloomr

Sound Effects licensed through Adobe & Soundstripe
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Creators and Guests

Justin Gubersky
Justin Gubersky
Justin is an actor and voice actor based in Los Angeles. Originally from Southern California, he lived in Chile, Italy, and Spain for a few years prior to coming home to pursue acting full-time. In addition to film and television, Justin regularly performs as a Company Member of Towne Street Theatre, Los Angeles and finds any chance to globetrot off somewhere when not acting.
Melissa Jobe
Melissa Jobe
Melissa Jobe is an actress, singer, writer and content creator/producer based in Los Angeles. Melissa's career spans acting in live theatre, audio drama, television and film, along with content creation/production for TV and film, SFX makeup, production design, costume design, graphic design and marketing.
Robert Bordelon
Robert Bordelon
Robert Bordelon is a Louisiana native, and moved to Los Angeles at just 18. Robert has studied acting and comedy for years, and is currently enrolled at The Groundlings School for Improv.
Presto Change-o, I'm Sure
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