Chanda Wallace

Chanda Wallace

Chanda Rae is a native of Richmond, Virginia. She spent time on television and stage along with modeling and working in radio as an on air personality. She graduated with honors from Virginia Commonwealth University, and studied under Ernie Mclintock, founder of Harlem’s Afro-American Studio for Acting and Speech, before landing in Los Angeles, where she has worked on a number voice over projects, and film projects. With more in development, you’ll be seeing more of her in the near future.

Appears in 2 Episodes

Be a Good Dog Darling

A philanderer finds a way to "tame" his wives when they find out about his affairs. As his problems multiply, they start to gang-up on him.

Good Ghost

Gus is a ghost, and he is stuck here on Earth. What is going to do?

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